Women’s Park’s

The ecological project for the establishment of women’s parks creates green spaces in the cities that serve the recreation and regeneration of women, their family members and friends. The parks are an opportunity for women to escape the confines of the house, to regain strength in an open space and a natural environment and to come up with new ideas. The burden of war and flight has led to women losing ties (such as relatives, neighbors) and becoming more isolated. The parks serve to strengthen the exchange with the neighborly, non-family environment. The parks in Qamishlo and Serê Kaniyê are already partially usable. The construction of stages and event rooms is also planned in both current park projects. Cultural activities, film screenings and educational events can be organized there. The park visitors find inspiration to play sports, to walk or to sit on the lawn or on a bench. Covered seating is available for rainy days and for cooling off on hot days. The parks have a fountain for refreshment. There are playgrounds and ball courts for the children where they can let off steam and climb. There are also plans to set up cafés with ice cream, food and drinks organized by women’s cooperatives.

The women’s parks are also a measure for the re-appropriation of public space for women, which for a long time they could only use to a limited extent and hardly independently. Security forces are available around the clock in the parks. They have been instructed by WJAR and serve to protect women and the park.

With regard to the background for the revitalization of existing and the construction of new parks, one has to know that it was forbidden under the Syrian regime to plant trees and plant green spaces. The existing parks were neglected in the wake of the war and the withdrawal of the Assad regime from Rojava and mostly no longer usable. In addition, the population of trees was greatly decimated by the population during the heating shortage and by the regime’s reduction in water supply. However, due to the hot and dry climate, green spaces are essential to relax and improve the quality of life in the city.