Women’s Village

On March 10, 2017, Kongreya Star (women’s movement in Northern Syria), Jineolojî (science of women) and WJAR began building the Jinwar women’s village near the town of Serê Kaniyê. Jinwar is Kurdish and consists of two words: ‘Jin’ means woman and ‘War’ is derived from ‘wargeh’ and means area / region.

This ‘place of women’ is built in the heart of Rojava. In view of the diverse and brutal patriarchal attacks on women and society, the women’s movement in northern Syria is creating exemplary projects in which the alternative, peaceful and free coexistence of women becomes the basis. In Jinwar, the residents strive together to create a way of life in which every woman can develop her full potential free from the oppressive structures of patriarchy and capitalism. The village was designed on the basis of the principles of autonomy and sustainability and with the aim of giving women the opportunity to self-sufficiency. The women have cattle and cultivate land with vegetable and orchards. A total of 30 residential buildings as well as a school, an academy, a naturopathic center and a cultural center were built. The construction is traditional and ecological. Homemade adobe bricks and natural materials are used to build the buildings. Over time, further initiatives have been added to organize all areas of life independently, depending on the interests and skills of women. The village was built by women and for women. Women of all ethnicities and religions and their children are welcome in Jinwar. The goal of Jinwar is to build a just and free society with the old and new knowledge and skills of women.

The idea of founding a women’s village in Rojava matured years ago. It was inspired by Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas and emerged from an examination of the long and oppressed history of matriarchal societies, places and utopias.

Jinwar is supported by women worldwide, it is an inspiration for many and in Jinwar the dream of many women who are looking for an alternative life comes true. In Northern Syria, Jinwar works closely with all women’s organizations and academies. A visit to the village in the academies is an important item on the program, as an example of alternative roles for women and ways of life. In June 2018, the first Jinolojî camp for young women took place in Jinwar. At the end of July 2018, the first solar systems were attached to the roofs of the village, an important step for an independent and ecological power supply.

WJAS supports the women’s village financially for the realization of their projects.

You can get more information about the village at: http://jinwar.org

Contact: jinwar@riseup.net