Our Aims

Taking into account the longlasting war in Syria and the descruction of the country, the displacement and (internal) flight of a lot of people, the brutality of the battle against the islamic state, the allover shortage because of the international embargo and the ongoing military threat, especially by Turkey, the society in North Syria faces extensive problems.

In this situation the Foundation of the Free Woman in Syria has taken steps and measures to understand the actuality of women (and their children), to analyse their needs and has started initiatives to remedy the allover deficiency and shortage.

This includes

  • organisation of material support within and outside North Syria
  • establishing and development of workplaces/employment for women
  • initiation of women cooperatives
  • the professional qualification of women
  • a wide range of learning opportunities for women, men and children regarding the topics of gender ration and structural violence, religion, economic activity and economics, democratic social and ecological life etc.
  • building of houses and initiating culturel events, in which women can engage together an can exchange experiences
  • sharing experiences with other women
  • meeting and exchanging experiences with women from all over the world
  • the creation of prospects for women in which they can engage socially and politically
  • the consolidation of the exchange of experiences and the political discussions by armenic, assyric, arabic and curdic women
  • the set up of women’s health centres, in which women are educated with regard to common health, psycological and physiological questions as well as they can get support and medical treatment by other women
  • creating learning opportunities and workshops for women regarding health issues of women and families
  • battling against violence and violent structures by education, educational campaigns and research studies regarding the extent of violence and personal capabilities for political action
  • engaging in special work with women and children who have been traumatized by the war and violence
  • esearch and survey with respect to opinion and life situations of women
  • publication of results of surveys and research in press releases and brochures
  • set up of scientific education for women
  • opportunities of protection of curdic culture, e.g. reading and writing courses in curdic language

Within all our work we pursue a reflecting, collaborative and collective approach, e.g. by initiating the work on cooperatives.