Target Audience

Target group of our projects are women and children, that are affected by war and violence in different ways:

  • Kurdis, arabic, assyrian and armenian women
  • Children who have lost their parents Kinder
  • Women suffering from poverty,
  • Women and children, that have survived traumatic experiences/ocurrences in the war, slavery by the Islamic State and other forms of violence
  • Women and children who do not have access to education
  • Women living on their own:
    • Young women
    • Women living apart from their family/husbands
    • Women who have lost their families
  • Women who are interested in collaborating can find workplaces and professional education
  • People on the spot and in Europe, open for our work and ready to support it, are addressed by our infomation and public relations work and can join us with their activities and/or donations.
  • Institution and organisations with solidarity for our approach of a development of society in North Syria and are willing to support us our promote projects, cooperation and exchange